The company ANNA MARCHETTI was born in 1966 in Modena, from the great passion, the  dreams, the skills and the strong will of a young modenese stylist, in love with fashion and the beauty.

Thanks to the many approvals and to the big success occurred all over Italy and abroad, the company ANNA MARCHETTI ends up enlarging its structures as well as its production and distribution.

In the 80’s, the modenese stylist and trader increases the already huge personal and company’s prestige by opening a new company which produces accessories in order to complete the total look of her creations, with the production of belts, bags, shoes,…etc…, accessories of first quality coordinated with the three clothing lines of ANNA MARCHETTI GROUP:








Another creation with the aim of increasing and underlining the unquestionable class of ANNA MARCHETTI woman, is the perfume VOILE, thought by the stylist herself: an important fragrance that shrouds the woman in a fabulous mystery.


Women’s world is made of many diversities, and of always new requests; the modern woman is manysided in terms of taste and way of living in the society, and she needs to identify herself in different styles all characterised by the good taste of made in Italy.

The company knows this quite well, that is why today,  with the precious cooperation of her daughter Jessica Giuliani, she can introduce on the market a group of great success, three clothing lines which are different in the style but equal in their beauty and in their popularity.


The first collection, ANNA MARCHETTI, from the name of the stylist and owner of the company, is a line of ceremony clothing, for an elegant and young woman up to 25 (available to size 52).

Shapes and used materials are unique in their comfort and refinements, and every single piece can be coordinated in its style and colours to a consistent variety of accessories.


From the ideas and the genial intuition of Jessica Giuliani, who is responsible for the new and lively vein of ANNA MARCHETTI collections and originates JESSY: “TO REACH THE MOON”, as the brand slogan suggests. This is a line thought for the young and trendy woman, modern in her style and well-groomed in the details , also available for a well-built woman (from size 42 to size 56).


Last but not least, the collection VILLA FRETO: from the name of a very beautiful Villa owned by the stylist and located in Modena, this is a haute couture line, created for important occasions and special evenings, when silks, chiffon and beautiful laces go along with the movements of a sensual and charming woman.


The designers would like to welcome their customers and let them see the new collections in the prestigious Modena Showroom in Via Salgari, 40 historic site that now also hosts a rich MODATECA over 3,000 magazines from the 60s to the present day and their archive of historical leaders.